Hurricane Maria Relief Effort 

For over 24 hours we felt the effects of Hurricane Maria. Force of nature that we had not seen before. The storm hit us hard, but it never knocked us down. Now we are cleaning up, fixing houses, distributing water and food, making new friends, and collaborating with folks from all over the island and the United States. We have felt the love from within the island and from abroad. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR ALL DONATIONS. Your caring has made many people smile, hug and some have cried of joy. Puerto Rico is like the tree that resists the storm, we are already putting out new leaves. #BorikenFlorece

This was the sunset the evening before Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico. Serene and beautiful 

This was the sunset the evening before Hurricane María hit Puerto Rico. Serene and beautiful 

Formulario para voluntarios (Volunteer form)

  • Si quieres participar como voluntario en las actividades de la Brigada Solidaria del Oeste o de ISER Caribe, por favor llena este formulario.
  • If you want to participate as a volunteer in the activities organized by the Brigada Solidaria del Oeste or ISER Caribe, please fill out this form. 


Thank You

La Briagada Solidaria del Oeste

We want to express our gratitude

We have to take a moment to thank everyone for their donations and fundraising efforts around the world. From Spain, Israel, Germany, France, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia and multiple locations in the United States folks have reached out and supported the work we are doing. As soon as the funds come in we make sure to spend as efficiently as possible.

Today we confirmed our order of 1,200 sawyer bucket filters, 1,200 buckets from Don Benja to install the filters and an additional 700 Luci solar lamps. We are ordering another 200 tarps and purchasing two 275 gallon IBC units to create our Boriken "Watta" Filtration System. This in addition to all the food, medical and other donations being sent directly to the Brigada Solidaria del Oeste.

As we move forward we intend to provide small construction and renovation grants to the most needy of the communities in the west and to provide small grants to other organizations doing the work of hurricane relief on the West Coast of the island.


Tubos de PVC instalados en los ojos de agua en la zona central de Puerto Rico 

Llegan los filtros de agua

Ya llego la primera mitad de la orden de filtros de agua destinados para varios pueblos en el Oeste de Puerto Rico. Los 500 filtros sawyer que llegaron serán distribuidos por la Brigada Solidaria del Oeste. Estamos a la espera de 700 filtros más. Todo esto gracias a las donaciones de todos ustedes a ISER Caribe #lamareaestacambiando 

Water filter distribution
Mayaguez 100
Cabo Rojo 75
San German 50
Maricao 75
Anasco 75
Las Maria 75
Lares 50